LOCATION: Savannah, GA

This project is for a residential community village located south of Savannah, Georgia with water access to the Intracoastal Waterway and Atlantic Ocean. The entire 2,800-acre development is connected by a series of internal existing and man-made waterways designed to demonstrate the vision and way of life for the community, along with the projects core values of conservation, sensitivity to the coastal land and authenticity.

The program is for a new community neighborhood village located between the private marina and the open marshlands and rivers to the north and east. A master plan was designed for a phased mixed-use development that include a boutique hotel and spa with community buildings, pools and fitness, retail, restaurants, and a central park adjacent to the marina and connected with a pedestrian promenade.  

The first phase of this masterplan represented here includes three primary buildings for the public and neighborhood residents. The owner’s design direction was to create a modern interpretation of Low Country Coastal with the Historic Savannah waterfront, Industrial and Southern Coastal. 


The four story boathouse provides rental storage for primarily marine fishing boats but also general and family use up to 35’ long. Boats are picked up and moved back and forth between the Marina and the Red Bird Waterway for residents that have docks at their homes or placed into a space in the building.

Cottenham Exchange

The mixed-use Cottenham Exchange will house recreational opportunities for residents and visitors, along with HOA offices, and community meeting rooms. It should provide full men’s and women’s lockers, a large gym, daycare, kids playrooms and a snack bar with potential retail areas that face the marina, and a large outdoor multi-use pool.

Marina House 

The Marina House will be a gathering spot for the residents and provide an informal bar, fireside lounge and dining areas. Interior spaces will spill out to a large public plaza and a terraced event lawn fronting on the marsh view and flanked by large existing trees

1022 Park St #208, Jacksonville, FL 32204