Riverside Corporate Centre

LOCATION: Jacksonville, FL

Riverside Corporate Centre located along the St. Johns River near downtown Jacksonville was designed for a local developer looking to take advantage of a narrow waterfront piece of property. To provide the required parking, the entire office building was placed on top of an enclosed garage covering the entire site. A visitor parking area accessible by ramp was placed on top of the garage in front of the main building entrance creating a forecourt and drop off area. The building plan was divided into three offset linear bars that created visual interest as well as breaking down scale of the end elevations while also reducing the perceived length of entrance corridor into the building. Tower elements reaching out to the river act as lanterns visible across the water from downtown.

This project represents the individual experience of Glenn Dasher


American Institute of Architects (AIA)Jacksonville Chapter Unbuilt Design Award 1999

1022 Park St #208, Jacksonville, FL 32204