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  • University of North Florida Student Union

    A campus icon redefined

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    University of North Florida Student Union
  • Glen Kernan Residence

    A contemporary home sensitively designed for a traditional neighborhood

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    Glen Kernan Residence
  • KLS Martin Group

    Simple clean design that reflects the high-tech nature of the client’s advanced surgical products

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    KLS Martin Group
  • Law Offices of
    Farah & Farah

    Renovation of historic building to fit the needs of a contemporary law firm.

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    Law Offices of <br />Farah & Farah
  • Lee Residence

    A secluded wooded oasis hidden in a suburban neighborhood.

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    Lee Residence
  • Veterans Memorial Center

    A building whose primary genesis comes from a historic image of a military encampment during the Civil War.

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    Veterans Memorial Center
  • Ortega Clubhouse

    Marina clubhouse designed to complement its historic Craftsman neighborhood.

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    Ortega Clubhouse